Thursday, 1 January 2015

2014 Favourites

Hey my beautiful blog readers, 
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Today I thought I'd do my favourites of 2014. So as you'll know if you read my favourites of December (if not go check that out) I am favourites at the end of each month and end of each year.
As is it now January I thought maybe now would be a good time to do it. My December favourites was quite short but this one will be a little longer because, well... its a whole year! I will put 10 things in this blog that are my absolute favourites from 2014!...

  My first favourite of 2014 are my slippers that I have put in almost every blog; I put them in my Pamper Night and m December favourites (go check them out)! I really like them and I got them for Christmas so I don't know how much they are, but I have a feeling they are from Next, if anyone knows where they are from please say so in the comments!
 This next photo is also in my December favourites, these are the New Look Wedge Boots. They are £24.99 and they are perfect for going out in winter, plus with the little platform you are protected from those little bits of snow on the pavement. These are by far my best purchase!
 This was in my Skin care routine blog (go check that out after!), this is the clip I use for holding my hair back off my head! Although, I do use it for going out if I don't want to get dressed up but still want to look nice e.g Shopping. You can get these almost anywhere and I've had this for such a long time I can't remember where it was from or how much it was! :( sorry! :(
 So this product you will have seen in both my Pamper Night blog and my December Favourites blog, this is a body scrub from the Along Came Betty set (see full set in Pamper Night blog), it exfoliates and massages your skin, it feel so nice and relaxing but I will need another one soon, so I will see if they have a big one and how much it is the set I got was around £10.00. But you can get different sets for different prices. :)
This is a Collar Necklace form Next, this is quite a special necklace. it was £12.99 and I only wear it on special occasions, it is very comfy, but you do have to keep adjusting the position of it to make it look right! :-| it is a very nice silver neck line and the blue and black go perfectly together! :)
This you will have seen in my December Favourites, this is a boots own brand vanilla body spray. It smells divine! I got it as a Christmas present so I don't know the price and I have looked at the Boots website; I found one similar to it (link).
This is the Next Just Pink perfume it smells so nice and I would definitely recommend this product if someone asked me! It is £8.00 and here is the link to the website! I can't describe what the perfume smells like it's so unique! i wear it every opportunity I get! But it is quite a special perfume so I only wear it when I feel like it is a occasion. :)
This is a Yankee Candle, (Wild Fig) is one of my favourites of the Yankee Candle selection I have! It smells so nice! Not everyone will like this smell (my dad), but I think it smells exotic! And this one is just the right size for in your bedroom!
This picture is of my Bronzer and Shimmer Brush (Bronzer Brush), They are both Seventeen products (Boots own brand), the brush is really soft and they weren't that expensive so they are definitely something that would be good for going away! 

 This is a Rimmel London Nail Strengthener, I also use it as a base and top layer of nail varnish because it has a shimmery tinge to it, it also helps you not bite your nails because of the strength of it, it really does strengthen your nails. I would recommend this to a friend. As well as doing that if any nail varnish had smudged, you can just put a layer of this over it and it looks better (but not good as new :( )

I really hope you enjoyed this blog and hopefully given you as few ideas of what to get if you're going shopping(?), Holly has also done a blog of her 2014 favourites so go check that out!
Love you all! <3

Heather x

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