Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Cute Nail Art

Cute Nail Art

Hey guys, today's blog is some cute nail art, now, i am definitely no expert when it comes to nails, every time i move they smudge and i try to get that one bit i missed... and end up painting my whole finger. So this post is some super simple nail art that you can try :)

Yesterday i went shopping and bought a Claire's nail art set (below) it was £4.50 so you can improvise using your own things or buy those if you want to.


1. Paint the nail a dark red base colour

2. Draw a black cross using a thin nail brush

3. Fill in the top half black

4. Draw a few black dots on the 'wings' (remaining red)

5. Draw two white dots on the top black area

6. Add a tiny black dot to the center of each white dot

Just Kidding


1.Paint the nail a dark pink colour

2.Paint the tip of the nail green in an arch shape

3. Paint a white line inside the green one

4. Add a few black dots to the pink of the nail and you have a watermelon :)

This one is harder, hence my fail
1. Paint the nail yellow

2.Paint the bottom of the nail blue

3. Paint two silver circles on the middle of the nail

4. Add a black line to either side of the silver lines to connect them to the side of the nail (the goggles)

5. Paint the inside of the circles white and add a tiny black dot as the pupil

6. Add a little smiley face between the blue and the circles

 Thank you for reading this post, i hope this gave you a few ideas to try out on your own nails. I love  the watermelon and ladybird ones!

See you soon <3

Holly x



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