Monday, 26 January 2015

Baby Skin Pore Eraser Review

Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

Hey guys, I'm so sorry i haven't posted in so long, when i went back to school I've been really busy and haven't had much time but I'm gonna start blogging again!
Today i am going to talk about the Baby Skin Primer, I've never been a huge primer fan, but i had heard such good reviews about this particular one,  i thought i would try it out and now i am recommending it to you!

This is what it looks like, the actual primer itself is clear and i usually just rub it into pores like spots or blemishes on my skin and sometimes under my eyes and on my nose. It helps make-up sit better and look smoother on your skin.You could totally wear this without any make-up as well if you just want a bit of clear coverage. 'Ive only used this a few times and it has worked so well on my skin!
As for the name Baby Skin, after using this, your skin literally feels baby-soft and i cannot recommend this more. As for price, i got two of these for £10 at Tesco, however they are £7.99 each, quite pricey for a product that in the end, you can't really see, but for me it was worth every penny.

This would be great if you are new to make-up or are just looking for a good coverage, but low fuss product :)

Thankyou for reading this review, love you all and see you soon <3

Holly x

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

2014 Make-up Favourites

2014 Make-up Favourites

 Hey guys, so my other blog (the starter make-up kit) was quite a popular one so i thought today i would do another make-up related post, so this is my 2014 make-up favourites, i hope you enjoy reading:)

So firstly is foundation, so the foundation i used to use started to run out, so i thought it was time to try something new, i had heard a lot about the Rimmel London Match Perfection foundation and tried it out. I can honestly say it is such a good product, it goes on super easily and is so easy to layer onto and has earned a rightful place on my favourites list for this year.

Next is the Natural collection Crushed Walnut eyeshadow, which i actually use for my eyebrows with an angled brush, it is the perfect colour for my eyebrows, if you have dark brown eyebrows i would definitely recommend this to try out.

Next is a very recent one, which i bought at the end of December, but i have been meaning to buy for a while, it is the Rimmel London Wake Me Up concealer, this is so good and gets rid of dark circles so well and is great at covering up spots, i would 100% recommend this to a friend!

In the summer holidays i found myself wearing the Beauty Uk Posh Pout Corally Incorrect on my lips a lot, it is the perfect summery red colour, i would probably not wear it in the colder months, but as soon as there is a hint of sunshine it'll be back out and on my lips!

I have also found myself wearing the natural collection Candy Floss Eyeshadow (as Eyeshadow this time) as it is such a nice shimmery light pink and is perfect if you put an off-white colour all over the eyelid and put this in the crease and just below, You can wear this all year long (which is what i've been doing). It is pefect for both day and night.

Finally we have the Maybelline  Master Precise eyeliner, this is really good as you can get a really sharp point and it is really good to get as close to the lash line as possible, i would recommend this to anyone looking for a new eyeliner.

Thank you for reading this blog, if you're looking for any new make-up then try some of these out! They are such good products!

Love you all and see you soon <3

Holly x

Sunday, 4 January 2015

healthy snacks

Hey blog readers,
I decided to do a blog about snacks, now snacks can be really unhealthy, but with some adjusting they can be made into healthy snacks! When people say to me 'Healthy' I think of Salad and things like that which, yes salad is healthy, but it is not exciting is it? Many young people quite often go healthy and give up after a while because you have no exciting food! I know I have! But I tried to be healthy by having healthy snacks and balanced meals rather than lots of snacks and not a lot of proper food.
I'm going to start with one that is a bit of a treat! Grapes, with Banana and Strawberry bobble hats, with a mini marshmallow as the bobble! :) They are called 'Grinch Fruit Kabobs' I found these on Pintrest...
But there is also a website with them on...

The next healthy snack I found is Apple and Cinnamon or Peanut Butter. This does not take long to make, but the above would be better to have when a few people are coming round or if you are going to eat them everyday, which wouldn't be very good for you!
I couldn't find a website :( sorry!

The next snack I am going to tell you about are apple crisps! They are a delicious treat and you can have them with cinnamon, to make them festive or you can have them spiced as a nice packed lunch snack!
I found them on the BBC website...
The final snack I am going to talk about is something you probably all heard of...
Raw vegetables with humus or guacamole, you can have any vegetables you like with this I suppose! The ones I usually go for are...

  • Raw carrot sticks
  • Raw celery sticks
  • Raw peppers (Red ones are sweeter!)
Hope this helped 

Heather x 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Easy Exercise

Easy exercise

So for this years resolution i have decided to finally ditch the sweets and get fit and healthy. Although i always think about going to get that apple, and going out for a run, more often than not i end up on the sofa with a bag of crisps. So this blog is some ways you can do easy exercise to stay fit without going on a ten mile run.

1. Hula-Hooping

Hula-Hooping is so fun and easy to do, you can do it in your own home or outside if you want some fresh air and the weather's nice. Hula- Hooping is so quick to do as well and you don't have to change into a work-out outfit, you can just grab a hoop and you're ready to go.

2. Dog Walking

A lot of people have a dog, if you don't then walking is a great way to get out of the house and let your mind wander for a while. But if you do have a dog, then it's an added bonus, your dog gets a walk and you're in your parent's good-book. This one is great to do with friends!


When i think of cycling i think of strenuous up hill peddling whilst sweating and gasping for air... But not all cycling can be like that, just get your bike out, find somewhere flat, and just peddle back and forth for a while. It doesn't have to be two hours like a bike ride would be, it's just ten minutes here and there and you can go as slow or fast as you like!


When someone says yoga you think of meditating and holding strange positions, but yoga can really help your muscles in toning and stretching them and is also very calming. You can Google some yoga poses and try a few out, but i know-It's not for everyone


Grab an old skipping rope and get skipping for ten minutes, skipping is really good for your cardiovascular system (your heart) so that's an added bonus, It's also easy and fun to do.

Tip: Have fruit a little while before you workout and water during, the fruit provides natural sugars which give you energy and the water keeps you hydrated.


Thank you for reading this blog, i hope you like my easy exercise ideas! Try them out and see what you think :) Also want to say that we hit 100 page views a few days ago, so thank you to anyone who has read our blog or is reading this now!

Love you all <3

Holly x

Thursday, 1 January 2015

My 2014 favourites

My 2014 Favourites

 Hey Guys, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! So it's the end of 2014 and this year has been great, today i am talking about a few of my favourite things from the past year, i hope you enjoy

This is the new New Look perfume, they recently released four new perfumes and this one is my favourite, i also love the pink and purple ones... sorry yellow

I also have been loving the Maybelline colour show crystallize nail varnish in the colour Rose Chic. It is a textured nail varnish, it is super easy to apply and looks really good on finger and toe nails. The nail varnish itself looks to be nude however it has rose gold glitter in it.

I have also been loving Onsies, and i just adore my new one from new look, it is cream and has a hood, it has no feet but is tighter at the ankles so your legs don't get cold. I literally live in it it's so comfy!

This year i have been buying a lot more candles, and two really stood out for me, both from Yankee Candle. I got one of them earlier in the year 'Orange Splash' and one for Christmas 'Wild Fig' both smell absolutely gorgeous, the orange one is very fresh and fruity, whereas the fig one is a lot richer and darker.

Around September time i bought a new foundation as mine was running out, and i bought the Rimmel London match perfection foundation and it is literally the best thing ever. It is so easy to apply and actually stays on all day.

I've recently really been loving scrunchies as they add a bit more to your look with very little ease and they also look just as good on your wrist, i have a white one and a black one.

Another thing i have really loved this year is Disney, especially Frozen and Brave. Also Disney has re-released all it's movies in time for Christmas, well done Disney.

Also been loving the clean&clear exfoliating face wash, It is really good because it is not too harsh on the skin, but really helps clear up spots.

Recently Tesco released it's 'Cookie Dough Spread' and i first tried it at my friends house and i actually fell in love. Only problem is, she got me one for christmas, and i ate half a jar... in the first ten minutes... It is soooo nice, but the day after i ate it i got about three hundred spots! I am warning you...

In October i bought a baby lips, 'Peach Kiss' i think it's called, and i have been loving it, then for Christmas i got the 'hydrate' one and both are super good, the peach one gives your lips a little nude shimmer but nothing too obvious and the hydrate one leaves your lips feeling really soft and replenished and i love them.

Thank you for reading this post i hope you enjoyed it, maybe you could try a few of these out? Heather is also uploading a 2014 favourites today so go check that out!

Love you all and see you tomorrow

Holly x

2014 Favourites

Hey my beautiful blog readers, 
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Today I thought I'd do my favourites of 2014. So as you'll know if you read my favourites of December (if not go check that out) I am favourites at the end of each month and end of each year.
As is it now January I thought maybe now would be a good time to do it. My December favourites was quite short but this one will be a little longer because, well... its a whole year! I will put 10 things in this blog that are my absolute favourites from 2014!...

  My first favourite of 2014 are my slippers that I have put in almost every blog; I put them in my Pamper Night and m December favourites (go check them out)! I really like them and I got them for Christmas so I don't know how much they are, but I have a feeling they are from Next, if anyone knows where they are from please say so in the comments!
 This next photo is also in my December favourites, these are the New Look Wedge Boots. They are £24.99 and they are perfect for going out in winter, plus with the little platform you are protected from those little bits of snow on the pavement. These are by far my best purchase!
 This was in my Skin care routine blog (go check that out after!), this is the clip I use for holding my hair back off my head! Although, I do use it for going out if I don't want to get dressed up but still want to look nice e.g Shopping. You can get these almost anywhere and I've had this for such a long time I can't remember where it was from or how much it was! :( sorry! :(
 So this product you will have seen in both my Pamper Night blog and my December Favourites blog, this is a body scrub from the Along Came Betty set (see full set in Pamper Night blog), it exfoliates and massages your skin, it feel so nice and relaxing but I will need another one soon, so I will see if they have a big one and how much it is the set I got was around £10.00. But you can get different sets for different prices. :)
This is a Collar Necklace form Next, this is quite a special necklace. it was £12.99 and I only wear it on special occasions, it is very comfy, but you do have to keep adjusting the position of it to make it look right! :-| it is a very nice silver neck line and the blue and black go perfectly together! :)
This you will have seen in my December Favourites, this is a boots own brand vanilla body spray. It smells divine! I got it as a Christmas present so I don't know the price and I have looked at the Boots website; I found one similar to it (link).
This is the Next Just Pink perfume it smells so nice and I would definitely recommend this product if someone asked me! It is £8.00 and here is the link to the website! I can't describe what the perfume smells like it's so unique! i wear it every opportunity I get! But it is quite a special perfume so I only wear it when I feel like it is a occasion. :)
This is a Yankee Candle, (Wild Fig) is one of my favourites of the Yankee Candle selection I have! It smells so nice! Not everyone will like this smell (my dad), but I think it smells exotic! And this one is just the right size for in your bedroom!
This picture is of my Bronzer and Shimmer Brush (Bronzer Brush), They are both Seventeen products (Boots own brand), the brush is really soft and they weren't that expensive so they are definitely something that would be good for going away! 

 This is a Rimmel London Nail Strengthener, I also use it as a base and top layer of nail varnish because it has a shimmery tinge to it, it also helps you not bite your nails because of the strength of it, it really does strengthen your nails. I would recommend this to a friend. As well as doing that if any nail varnish had smudged, you can just put a layer of this over it and it looks better (but not good as new :( )

I really hope you enjoyed this blog and hopefully given you as few ideas of what to get if you're going shopping(?), Holly has also done a blog of her 2014 favourites so go check that out!
Love you all! <3

Heather x

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Cute Nail Art

Cute Nail Art

Hey guys, today's blog is some cute nail art, now, i am definitely no expert when it comes to nails, every time i move they smudge and i try to get that one bit i missed... and end up painting my whole finger. So this post is some super simple nail art that you can try :)

Yesterday i went shopping and bought a Claire's nail art set (below) it was £4.50 so you can improvise using your own things or buy those if you want to.


1. Paint the nail a dark red base colour

2. Draw a black cross using a thin nail brush

3. Fill in the top half black

4. Draw a few black dots on the 'wings' (remaining red)

5. Draw two white dots on the top black area

6. Add a tiny black dot to the center of each white dot

Just Kidding


1.Paint the nail a dark pink colour

2.Paint the tip of the nail green in an arch shape

3. Paint a white line inside the green one

4. Add a few black dots to the pink of the nail and you have a watermelon :)

This one is harder, hence my fail
1. Paint the nail yellow

2.Paint the bottom of the nail blue

3. Paint two silver circles on the middle of the nail

4. Add a black line to either side of the silver lines to connect them to the side of the nail (the goggles)

5. Paint the inside of the circles white and add a tiny black dot as the pupil

6. Add a little smiley face between the blue and the circles

 Thank you for reading this post, i hope this gave you a few ideas to try out on your own nails. I love  the watermelon and ladybird ones!

See you soon <3

Holly x