Thursday, 1 January 2015

My 2014 favourites

My 2014 Favourites

 Hey Guys, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! So it's the end of 2014 and this year has been great, today i am talking about a few of my favourite things from the past year, i hope you enjoy

This is the new New Look perfume, they recently released four new perfumes and this one is my favourite, i also love the pink and purple ones... sorry yellow

I also have been loving the Maybelline colour show crystallize nail varnish in the colour Rose Chic. It is a textured nail varnish, it is super easy to apply and looks really good on finger and toe nails. The nail varnish itself looks to be nude however it has rose gold glitter in it.

I have also been loving Onsies, and i just adore my new one from new look, it is cream and has a hood, it has no feet but is tighter at the ankles so your legs don't get cold. I literally live in it it's so comfy!

This year i have been buying a lot more candles, and two really stood out for me, both from Yankee Candle. I got one of them earlier in the year 'Orange Splash' and one for Christmas 'Wild Fig' both smell absolutely gorgeous, the orange one is very fresh and fruity, whereas the fig one is a lot richer and darker.

Around September time i bought a new foundation as mine was running out, and i bought the Rimmel London match perfection foundation and it is literally the best thing ever. It is so easy to apply and actually stays on all day.

I've recently really been loving scrunchies as they add a bit more to your look with very little ease and they also look just as good on your wrist, i have a white one and a black one.

Another thing i have really loved this year is Disney, especially Frozen and Brave. Also Disney has re-released all it's movies in time for Christmas, well done Disney.

Also been loving the clean&clear exfoliating face wash, It is really good because it is not too harsh on the skin, but really helps clear up spots.

Recently Tesco released it's 'Cookie Dough Spread' and i first tried it at my friends house and i actually fell in love. Only problem is, she got me one for christmas, and i ate half a jar... in the first ten minutes... It is soooo nice, but the day after i ate it i got about three hundred spots! I am warning you...

In October i bought a baby lips, 'Peach Kiss' i think it's called, and i have been loving it, then for Christmas i got the 'hydrate' one and both are super good, the peach one gives your lips a little nude shimmer but nothing too obvious and the hydrate one leaves your lips feeling really soft and replenished and i love them.

Thank you for reading this post i hope you enjoyed it, maybe you could try a few of these out? Heather is also uploading a 2014 favourites today so go check that out!

Love you all and see you tomorrow

Holly x

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