Sunday, 4 January 2015

healthy snacks

Hey blog readers,
I decided to do a blog about snacks, now snacks can be really unhealthy, but with some adjusting they can be made into healthy snacks! When people say to me 'Healthy' I think of Salad and things like that which, yes salad is healthy, but it is not exciting is it? Many young people quite often go healthy and give up after a while because you have no exciting food! I know I have! But I tried to be healthy by having healthy snacks and balanced meals rather than lots of snacks and not a lot of proper food.
I'm going to start with one that is a bit of a treat! Grapes, with Banana and Strawberry bobble hats, with a mini marshmallow as the bobble! :) They are called 'Grinch Fruit Kabobs' I found these on Pintrest...
But there is also a website with them on...

The next healthy snack I found is Apple and Cinnamon or Peanut Butter. This does not take long to make, but the above would be better to have when a few people are coming round or if you are going to eat them everyday, which wouldn't be very good for you!
I couldn't find a website :( sorry!

The next snack I am going to tell you about are apple crisps! They are a delicious treat and you can have them with cinnamon, to make them festive or you can have them spiced as a nice packed lunch snack!
I found them on the BBC website...
The final snack I am going to talk about is something you probably all heard of...
Raw vegetables with humus or guacamole, you can have any vegetables you like with this I suppose! The ones I usually go for are...

  • Raw carrot sticks
  • Raw celery sticks
  • Raw peppers (Red ones are sweeter!)
Hope this helped 

Heather x 

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