Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Cute Nail Art

Cute Nail Art

Hey guys, today's blog is some cute nail art, now, i am definitely no expert when it comes to nails, every time i move they smudge and i try to get that one bit i missed... and end up painting my whole finger. So this post is some super simple nail art that you can try :)

Yesterday i went shopping and bought a Claire's nail art set (below) it was £4.50 so you can improvise using your own things or buy those if you want to.


1. Paint the nail a dark red base colour

2. Draw a black cross using a thin nail brush

3. Fill in the top half black

4. Draw a few black dots on the 'wings' (remaining red)

5. Draw two white dots on the top black area

6. Add a tiny black dot to the center of each white dot

Just Kidding


1.Paint the nail a dark pink colour

2.Paint the tip of the nail green in an arch shape

3. Paint a white line inside the green one

4. Add a few black dots to the pink of the nail and you have a watermelon :)

This one is harder, hence my fail
1. Paint the nail yellow

2.Paint the bottom of the nail blue

3. Paint two silver circles on the middle of the nail

4. Add a black line to either side of the silver lines to connect them to the side of the nail (the goggles)

5. Paint the inside of the circles white and add a tiny black dot as the pupil

6. Add a little smiley face between the blue and the circles

 Thank you for reading this post, i hope this gave you a few ideas to try out on your own nails. I love  the watermelon and ladybird ones!

See you soon <3

Holly x



Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Lush Haul

Lush Haul!

So today i went shopping again, and i happened to come across an old friend of mine... LUSH!!! I haven't been to Lush in forever so whilst i was in there i figured i would spend a bit of christmas money and treat myself to some bath bombs, and bought four, but later decided i needed more and bought another two, greedy, i know... But they smelt soooo nice...

Anyway the first one i picked up was called 'Dragon's Egg', It looked so pretty and i had to get it, it smells sort of citrus-y, like lemons but sweeter and smelling it made my mouth water. I cannot wait to use this one as it looks and smells so amazing! I better put it away before i get too obsessed with smelling it...  

Secondly i came across the 'Think Pink' bath bomb, this stood out so much because it is literally bright pink, as the name suggests, and it has really cute flowers on it, mine are pink, yellow and white. It smells very floral and seems like a good summery bath bomb, so god knows why i bought it in December...

Then i saw the 'Butterball' bath bomb and it was love at first smell, it honestly smells like heaven in a ball... okay... moving on... anyway it's sweet, i want to say it smells like vanilla but i'm not sure, smell it for yourself and you'll know what i mean. I think this would be a really nice new year bath bomb for January as it is a sweet scent but new and would be perfect when you just need to relax.

Then someone told their friend to smell the 'Cinders' bath bomb and they smelt it and said it was really nice, so i went to have a cheeky peek and i saw it was half price, so i got two (one was on my second visit). They smell orangey and cinnamon-y and are probably Christmas bath bombs, but i couldn't resist, these are definitely some of my favourites. I think they will be perfect for Autumn as they are orange, which is a very autumnal colour, i will use them in Autumn if i can wait that long...

Lastly i picked up a light pink rose scented one, called 'Rose Queen' it smells absolutely gorgeous, sometimes rose can smell a bit weak and sort of undetectable inbetween lots of other smells, but this stands out, it smells amazingly... rosey? I don't know, but i can imagine princess' smell like this bath bomb and i think it would be perfect for early spring.

Thank you for reading this post, if you're wondering, all this came to £14.90, if you've never been to Lush i recommend you have a look in, you will smell it a mile off! If you do go to Lush and also get easily absorbed into the world of bath bombs, i hope you enjoyed seeing which ones i chose and maybe you could try them out?

Love You All <3

Holly x

My Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine
Hey guys,
So I thought today I'd share my skin care routine. So every girl wants to have perfect skin, but we never get there! Even if we do everything right! So I'm going to share my attempt to get good skin.
 This first photo is of my Cath Kidston Wash Bag, you can't get this design anymore, but the wash bags are normally about £18.00. It is just the right size for the Small Dermalogica special cleansing gel, the 250 ml Multi-active toner and the Simple Moisturiser.
This is also in order of how I use the products :)
 This is the Dermalogica Special cleansing gel is a bit pricey but all Dermalogica products last a long time, this is a large one (£42.99) lasts about a year (£2.00 per month). The small one (£24.99), lasts about 6 months because it's half the size. I would definitely recommend all Dermalogica Products to a friend.
 This is the Dermalogica Multi-active toner, again it is a bit pricey but it normally lasts a year and is £25.00, this only comes in one size.
 This is a Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Moisturiser, from Boots (English Drug Store) it is £4.50. I would definitely recommend this to a friend I also use Simple face and eye makeup removal wipes  when I go away (I will do a separate blog for going away).
 This is just a clip that holds my hair back when I'm washing my face.

Thank you for reading this blog I will be doing a separate blog for things you need for going away and a routine/things you need for your body care. 
Thank you for reading this blog if anyone knows of any products that are cheaper but equally as good please leave them in the comments :)
Heather x

Starter Make Up Kit

Starter makeup kit

Hey guys, yesterday Heather and i went shopping to buy some makeup for a starter kit. If you are unsure of what makeup to wear or you want to start wearing makeup but don't know where to find it, I hope this post helps. So here are the products I bought, where I bought them from, how much they were and how I would use them.


So if you have only just started wearing makeup you probably don't want to go straight onto wearing foundation, so concealer will be perfect for you. The one I have chosen is the Rimmel London 'wake me up' concealer. It was £5.49 and I got it from Boots, this was a little pricey for a first concealer but it is a really good product. You would put this under your eyes with the applicator it comes with, and over any spots or blemishes on your skin and rub it in evenly with your fingers.


Powder basically sets the makeup on your skin (the concealer). I have chosen the natural collection powder. At first i would go for a transparent one, as powder can look cakey on your face if it is the wrong colour for your skin, with transparent you can't go wrong. This was also from Boots and was £1.99. You put some powder on your brush (brush below) and lightly rub over your face taking care not to over apply it.

Powder Brush

This brush is to apply your powder with. It is a Barry M powder brush and is £5.99. Brushes are quite expensive so this is another expensive product.

Eye shadow

I chose two eye shadow pallets, both with two eye shadows in them. They were £1.99 each. One is called Mocha latte (the one with the darker colour in it) and the other is Mink Sable. Both were from Boots. I would use an eye-shadow brush (brush below) and apply the lighter colour to the half of your eyelid closest to your nose and apply the darker colour to the other half being careful not to put it too close to the eyebrow. Then gently blend them together by carefully rubbing in circular motions with the brush on your eyelid. This is to make sure it doesn't go from light to dark in a sudden change and looks as if it gradually get darker.

Eye Shadow Brushes

 As brushes are quite expensive, these are Ecotoos brushes and we bought a pack of  six for £4.99. They are super soft and the perfect size to put in a makeup bag if you're going out. These were from Boots as well.



We chose the natural collection Lash Curl Mascara in black. It is really good as it curls and lengthens your eyelashes without clumping all your eyelashes together. Using the mascara wand tilt your head up and look down into a mirror, then slowly brush the wand over your eyelashes in an upward motion, getting as close to your eye as possible will make your eyelashes look fuller, but if you are starting out don't worry about that. This was also from Boots and is literally a must-have for just £1.99!


We thought bright red wouldn't be the best idea for a starter kit, or bright anything really! So we went for a Calvin Klein Lipstick in the colour Henna, it's a really neutral light pink and is a really complimentary colour for many skin tones. It was £3.00 from The Look and is an absolutely gorgeous colour.

 Make up Bag 

This makeup bag was £2.00 from The Look, we picked it out because the bright colours really stood out and the polka dots looked so cute. Also it looked the perfect size to have in your bag or hand bag and there is enough space to put more make up products in as you extend your collection. It was perfect!

 Thank you for reading all this, I hope this helped you in one way or another. Heather uploaded her Favorites blog post so go check that out now :) Love you all and see you soon <3

Holly x 

Monday, 29 December 2014


December Favourites
Hey guys,
So at the end of each month I will do a favourites blog I will try to do one at the end of each year as well, if I don't I promise I will do one every month. This favourites will have a few Christmas presents in, therefore I may not know where they're from...Sorry.
 This first picture is some Slippers, I got them for Christmas, therefore I'm not sure where they're from, but I have a feeling they're from Next. If you know where they are from please comment below for other blog readers and myself.
 This is also a Christmas present, from my friend, it comes in a set (see pamper night blog) it is really good and works almost immediately I would definitely recommend it to a friend. I have used it almost every day; it isn't even half empty and even though the bottle is so small it lasts a long time.

 This photo is a candle from a set of three (see pamper blog) this one is my favourite I left a link in pamper blog but here is the link anyway :) I would use this every second of every day if it didn't run out!
 This was also a gift and it smells like 'heaven in a bottle' I wish I could use it all the time but it's a bit too nice for that so I only use it for special occasions, also so I don't use it all . I have many body sprays and perfume but this one is by far the best! :)
 This is a picture of some boots I got today when I went shopping with Holly and I bought these from New Look they were £24.99 (not in the sale, although there is a shoe sale on at the moment in New Look. YEY! #not sponsored). These boots are so comfy and they have fur on the inside of the tongue. I am so glad I could get them!
Thank you for reading this blog I hope this helps you when you go shopping and Holly has also uploaded something 'Starter makeup kit', Holly and I went shopping and we bought some things for photos and she has written a blog about it and so go and check that out!
I love you all and I'll see you the next time I blog! <3 :)
Heather x

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Pamper night

Pamper night in with Holly
Hey blog readers,
So last night Holly and I had a pamper night at her house, we had a foot bath, did hair and makeup.
 This photo shows my slippers I wore, they are really comfy, I got them for Christmas but I think that they were from Next..?
 This photo shows the stuff we used for our feet. this includes...
Bubble bath
Body scrub
Bath salts
Body lotion
The candles in this photo are two different makes. The one on the right (orange) is a Yankie Candle (link), the one on the Left (peach) is a Lily Flame candle (link).
Thanks for reading hope this has given you some ideas for your own pamper night!
Heather x

Things to do in 2015

Things to do in The New Year
It's nearly the end of 2014, and every year I make a new years resolution, don't eat chocolate, be healthy, exercise blah blah blah...
But this year I actually want to try and accomplish something to make memories rather than feeling like I have to do boring resolutions and also to try things which I maybe haven't done before. So this post is just a few things I want to try in the new year which are more fun than resolutions. I hope this inspires you to try some new things as well :)
1. Go on a HUGE shopping spree

2.Go on a walk with some friends and have a cute picnic

3. Clean out my wardrobe...
4. Go to AirHop/Jump Nation
5. Have a MASSIVE movie marathon
6. Have a huge pamper night!
7.Have a summer paddling pool party
(if it's warm enough)
8. Get my nails done with my best friends
9. Camp out in the garden with my best friends
10. Have a Onesie night
So there are a few things that I want to do with my friends in 2015, Thank you for reading this post, I hope this has given you a few ideas for you to try. Happy new year :)
Holly x