Monday, 26 January 2015

Baby Skin Pore Eraser Review

Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

Hey guys, I'm so sorry i haven't posted in so long, when i went back to school I've been really busy and haven't had much time but I'm gonna start blogging again!
Today i am going to talk about the Baby Skin Primer, I've never been a huge primer fan, but i had heard such good reviews about this particular one,  i thought i would try it out and now i am recommending it to you!

This is what it looks like, the actual primer itself is clear and i usually just rub it into pores like spots or blemishes on my skin and sometimes under my eyes and on my nose. It helps make-up sit better and look smoother on your skin.You could totally wear this without any make-up as well if you just want a bit of clear coverage. 'Ive only used this a few times and it has worked so well on my skin!
As for the name Baby Skin, after using this, your skin literally feels baby-soft and i cannot recommend this more. As for price, i got two of these for £10 at Tesco, however they are £7.99 each, quite pricey for a product that in the end, you can't really see, but for me it was worth every penny.

This would be great if you are new to make-up or are just looking for a good coverage, but low fuss product :)

Thankyou for reading this review, love you all and see you soon <3

Holly x

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